Reinforced Graphite Products

Reinforced graphite products are made of flexible graphite as basic material and different kinds of reinforcing materials. According to the different industrial requirements, the reinforcing material can be natural fibre, synthetic fibre, metal alloy filament, cotton fibre, glass fibre and carbonized fibre etc. To adapt different use condition, such metal filament can be added during twining as nickel alloy filament, stainless steel filament and copper filament etc. According to the production method and the field of usage, reinforced graphite materials can be produced in different forms, such as fabrics, sheets, boards, yarns, ropes etc…
Reinforced fibres, yarns can be woven into different expandable graphite packing using special process technique.
These products are suitable as asbestos replacements at high temperatures, excessive shaft speeds and in corrosive media and are the ideal non-asbestos solutions for shaft seals.
Because of their superior long-term stability, reinforced graphite products exceed the performance of organic fibrous materials.
Reinforced graphite is used world­wide in high-temperature and high-pressure braided packing applications, re­sulting in longer service lives, less leakage, less down-time and lower overall packing costs.
Available Types and Main Properties
Reinforcing fibre, metal filament and their mixture of the product can be produced according to the customer's requirements. 

Density (graphite) (g/cm3)

0.6 - 1.0
Service pressure (MPa)
3 - 50

Working temperature (°C)

-200 ~ +600
Sulphur content (PPM)

Chloride content (PPM)


Carbon content (graphite) (%)


Ash content (%)


Ignition (450 °C burnt 3 hours) (%)


PH value

The above technical indices could be adjusted according to the customer's requirements 
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Pressure resistance
  • Self-lubricating material
  • Flexible
  • High chemical resistance and chemical stability. Resistant to fluids with pH range of 0-14 (except strong oxidizers such as nitric or sulphuric acid).
  • High quality raw material for different types of graphite sealings
  • High temperature and high pressure braided packings
  • High-tech industry
  • Military industry
  • Metallurgy industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Vehicle industry

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