SZS Micro Beads

Zirconium Silicate

Available sizes
Standard sized beads and balls: Ø0.4-0.6, Ø0.6-0.8, Ø0.8-1.0, Ø1.0-1.2, Ø1.2-1.4, Ø1.4-1.6, Ø1.6-1.8, Ø18-2.0, Ø2.0-2.2, Ø2.2-2.5, Ø2.5-2.8, Ø2.8-3.2, Ø3.0-4.0, Ø4.5-5.5, Ø9.0-11.0, Ø11.0-13.0
The unique dripping process produces a very narrow range of sizes (0.2mm), eliminating undersized beads that require separation. This precise sizing guarantees good fluidity of the slurry and increases media life.
Media size selection should be decided by analyzing the average raw material size for the starting batch and the desired final particle size.
Following conditions shall be taken into account in bead size selection:
  • Nature of solid component of slurry.
  • Viscosity of the slurry.
  • Particle size of pigments to be ground or dispersed, desired fineness of finished products.
  • Specification of outlet clearance of the mill or the filter screen, generally, the size of the smallest beads should be at least twice that of the separator screen or rotating gap separator.
  • The distance between the outer edge of the dispersion disc and the grinding chamber should be four times of the diameter of the largest bead.
Smaller the size of grinding media, greater the number of contact points, resulting in reduced milling time.
We are ready to supply the most suitable grinding media for your application. For special applications we can provide smaller or bigger grinding balls.
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