CSZ Micro Beads

Ceria Stabilized Zirconia

Features of Ceria Stabilized Zirconia (CSZ) Grinding Media
High density – intense impact, high shear and reduced grinding time
  • CSZ is the densest ceramic available. Top quality ceria stabilized zirconia grinding media have a density of ≥6.2 gm/cm3. Due to this high density, it may be used to mill even high viscosity compounds, in which other media may float. The high density of CSZ grinding bodies provides the greater kinetic energy needed by high viscosity and high percent solid formulations.
  • The high density of CSZ allows smaller sized grinding bodies, resulting in more body per charge, and providing more contact points and narrower gaps between the bodies, so higher shear.This results in higher grinding efficiency and reduced grinding time.
High hardness and wear resistance – less contamination, long service life
  • Low wear loss. CSZ has just a little bit higher wear loss than that of YSZ grinding media which have the best wear properties from all. 
  • CSZ milling media have longer service life than glass media, magnesia stabilized zirconia media, alumina media or zirconium silicate media.
High chemical resistance – suitable for wet operations
  • Ceria stabilized zirconia is inert virtually to all acids, bases, solvents, and other corrosive fluids and slurries except hydrofluoric acid, so it is suitable for wet grinding and there is no contamination caused by solved media material.
  • CSZ grinding media do not oxidize in the presence of aqueous dispersions.  As a result, they offer the advantages of the density of metallic media without oxidation and colouring problems.
  • Since the surface of the grinding bodies are extremely smooth and ceria stabilized zirconia has excellent resistance to thermal shock, CSZ media are easily and quickly washable between formulations, allowing production programs to be switched quickly.
  • CSZ grinding media provides good results when used in wet grinding and dispersing applications, including the processing of highly viscous materials. It is suitable particularly for dispersing and mixing of highly viscous paints and inks.
Conditioned, shiny surface – reduced mill and media wear, less contamination
  • A special polishing process ensures high surface quality. The grinding beads are shiny initially, and the surface becomes even smoother after the first use.
  •  The preconditioning makes unnecessary the running-in period.
  • The shiny grinding bodies are easy to clean which provides reduced solvent consumption and time saving when changing product lines and minimizes cross contamination as well
  • The extremely smooth, shiny, nearly defect-free surface of CSZ grinding media considerably reduces mill and media wear. This also reduces the contamination of the formulation. 
High efficiency, long lifespan – reduced environmental impact, reduced cost
  • The high efficiency of CSZ grinding media reduces the energy consumption of the milling.
  • The long service life reduces the consumption of milling media.
Applications of CSZ Grinding Media – For a Wide Range of Formulation
Paint and Coatings Industry
  • for the high purity grinding and dispersion of coating and paint systems like car paint, corrosion protection, dip paints, industrial and structural paints, enamels, wood varnishes, coil coatings, fillers
  • thermal paper coatings, carbon paper coatings
  • inorganic and organic pigments, like titanium dioxide, ultra marine, iron oxide, etc.
  • pigments and colouring agents for textile dyes plastics, food
  • toner materials for photocopiers and laser printers
  • for the high purity dispersion and mixing of printing inks and UV inks
Electronic Industry
  • iron and chrome based magnetic materials (for audio, video, recording tapes) and other magnetic materials
  • piezoelectric materials, dielectric materials (for high purity grinding where the media should not discolour the mix being ground or cause any impurity due to wearing of the media)
  • electronic grade ceramics (ferroelectric, piezoelectric, dielectric, capacitors, sensors, etc.)
  • micro beads are suitable for processing of materials of multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs)
  • electronic materials (LCD colour paste, PDP glass paste, CMP slurry etc.)
  • battery raw materials
Cosmetic Industry
  • fine grinding of pigments and solids for lipsticks, skin and sun protection creams
  • processing of face powders, liquid make-ups
  • other cosmetics and toiletries
Mineral Industry
  • aluminium hydroxide
  • rare-earth materials and other minerals
Paper Industry
  • process of whitener (CaCO3) for the paper production
Food Industry
  • it is used in food industry due to its lack of contamination to in the materials being ground
  • chocolate producing


Property values, application information and recommendations we mentioned are based on various sources and estimates of experience. We intend this to be a reliable guide, but we do not guarantee the applicability, completeness, or accuracy of the information. The information is not to be interpreted as absolute material properties nor does it constitute a representation or warranty for which we assume legal liability. User shall determine suitability of the material for the intended use and assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.
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