CSZ Micro Beads

Ceria Stabilized Zirconia

Available sizes
Standard sized micro beads: Ø0.30, Ø0.50, Ø0.70, Ø0.80, Ø1.00, Ø1.20, Ø1.50, Ø2.00, Ø2.20, Ø2.50 and Ø2.70
Media size selection should be decided by analyzing the average raw material size for the starting batch and the desired final particle size.
The clearest trend in milling technology is the drive toward ultra-fine milling. A few reasons: the continually rising purity levels needed for microelectronics manufacturing, the clarity required for products like automotive topcoats, and the specific biological properties of controlled-release pharmaceutical and bio-technical products.
Smaller the size of grinding media, greater the number of contact points, resulting in reduced milling time.
We are ready to supply the most suitable grinding media for your application. For special applications we can provide very smaller or bigger grinding balls.
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Miskolc, Hungary
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