YSZ Media

Yttria Stabilized Zirconia

Available Types and Sizes
Different types – for different mills
Diameters less than 3 mm are named as micro grinding media (micro milling media), and media above this size are called macro grinding media (macro milling media).
Yttria stabilized zirconia grinding mediaMicro milling media are spherical beads (micro beads), while macro milling media are available in spherical ball and cylindrical body. Micro beads are produced by a special dripping technique, macro beads and balls are produced by uniaxial pressing (satellites – spheres with band at equator) or isotropic pressing (spheres without band). Cylindrical media are with radius/chamfered end corners or with radius dome shaped ends. These are manufactured by uniaxial pressing.
Due to lower void space and more contact points, cylindrical grinding media are found highly effective for fine milling of different materials in vibratory and jar mills. Spherical grinding media are most suited for various ball and attrition mills.
All of these yttria stabilized zirconia products are the highest quality available, and reYttria stabilized zirconia grinding mediapresent the state-of-the-art in industry today.
Different sizes – for efficient particle size reduction and dispersion
Micro beads: Ø0.10, Ø0.30, Ø0.50, Ø0.60, Ø0.80, Ø1.00, Ø1.20, Ø1.40, Ø1.50, Ø1.60, Ø1.80, Ø2.00, Ø2.20, Ø2.60
Beads and balls: Ø3.0, Ø4.0, Ø5.0, Ø6.0, Ø7.0, Ø8.0, Ø10.0, Ø12.0, Ø15.0, Ø20.0, Ø25.0, Ø30.0, Ø35.0
Cylinders: Ø5x5, Ø7x7, Ø10x10, Ø12.7x12.7, Ø15x15, Ø20x20, Ø25x25, Ø30x30
Media size selection should be decided by analyzing the average raw material size for the starting batch, the void size between the grinding bodies and the desired final particle size.
Extreme sizes needed? – We are ready to supply!
Have special needs? Other size Y-TZP grinding bodies are available. We are ready to supply the most suitable grinding media for your application. For special applications we can provide very small (from Ø0.02 mm) and very big (up to Ø60 mm) grinding bodies.
Different types and sizes – for different applications
YSZ micro beads are suitable in high and low speed vertical/horizontal type bead, sand, pearl, turbo, pin and Yttria stabilized zirconia micro beadsattrition mills for micro-fine milling and dispersion of highly viscous formulations. Their most common applications are micro-grinding in liquid phase and micro-dispersion of paints, pigments, inks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.
The clearest trend in milling technology is the drive toward ultra-fine milling. A few reasons: the continually rising purity levels needed for microelectronics manufacturing, the clarity required for products like automotive topcoats, and the specific biological properties of controlled-release pharmaceutical and bio-technical products.
Micro beads of sizes Ø0.10 and Ø0.30 are suitable for nanoparticle production industry. The final particle size is related to the size of the beads. The average particle size that can be achieved quickly is about 1/1000th the size of the beads. Using this correlation, a dispersion with an average particle size of 100 nm=0.1 µm requires 100 µm=0.1 mm beads. On the other hYttria stabilized zirconia grinding beadsand, for efficient grinding and dispersion, the feed particle size should have a 1/10 the media size. This means that in order to use very small media we must have a very good premix. We note that typically products that are to be produced in this size range are high value materials, and contamination is a concern.
YSZ macro milling media are ideal for de-agglomeration, particle size reduction, and dispersion of hard and soft substances in jar mills, ball mills, vibratory and attrition mills.

For jar mills and lab size ball mills, 10-20 mm diameter isotropic pressed or satellite type balls are ideal. For bigger average raw material size and bigger diameter ball mills 20 to 35 mm balls are recommended.
For vibratory mills, 5-20 mm diameter radius corners/radius dome shaped ends cylinders are recommended.
For low and medium speed attrition mills, 3-10 mm diameter isotropic pressed balls are recommended.
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