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Yttria Stabilized Zirconia

Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Grinding Media – Overview
A unique material – for faster processing and less contamination
Yttria stabilized zirconia grinding mediaYttria (yttrium oxide, Y2O3) stabilized zirconia (zirconium dioxide, ZrO2) grinding media have high density, super hardness and excellent fracture toughness, enabling to achieve superior grinding efficiencies compared to other conventional lower density media. The purity, high chemical resistance and the extreme wear-resisting property of YSZ combined with proper surface conditioning of the grinding bodies effectively eliminates product contamination and lengthens media and mill life substantially. This unique combination of favourable features make good quality yttria stabilized zirconia grinding media especially suitable for sensitive products and critical applications.
Wide range of types and sizes – for a wide range of formulations
 Yttria stabilized zirconia milling media
Our YSZ milling media are available in various shapes and sizes for any kinds of traditional and most high energy mills (such as micro mill, ultra micro mill, jar mill, basket mill, ball, sand, pearl, disc and pin mill, planetary, vibratory and attrition ball mill, etc.) to grind and disperse various materials effectively and economically.
YSZ grinding media are suitable for grinding and processing electric ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, dielectric materials, battery raw materials and magnetic ceramics; toner materials, printing inks, UV inks, pigments, fillers, dyes, varnishes, paints and coating materials; high purity advanced ceramic materials, frits and glazes; pigments and solids for lipsticks, skin and sun protection creams, other cosmetics and toiletries, pharmaceutical, dental and foodstuffs; agrochemicals, pesticides; calcium carbonate, aluminium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, rare-earth and other materials. These media are particularly suitable for high viscosity wet grinding and dispersion. Yttria stabilized zirconia micro beads are suitable for nanoparticle production.
The most attractive media – for your most demanding needs
Our yttria stabilizedYttria stabilized zirconia grinding media zirconia grinding media are one of the highest qualities available, and represent the state-of-the-art in industry today.
For high viscosity and high percent solid formulations YSZ are the best grinding media: it increases productivity and lifespan of milling equipment, improves the quality of mill output, and can save lots of cost for long run even though the cost of initial charging is higher than for conventional lower quality media.
Yttria stabilized zirconia milling media are developed for today’s heavy-duty continuous mills demand, so they satisfy your most demanding needs.
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